Our Drink Menu

Drink Menu

Our Baristas hand-craft each beverage for your enjoyment.  From our fresh roasted beans, house made flavor options, and all-natural recipes; it's our promise to make the drink right for you.

Hand Brewed

Drip Coffee

Coffee freshly ground and filtered through a large batch bunn brewer

Pour Over

Roast of choice ground and brewed immideately upon ordering in a v60 pour-over the cup method

French Press

A Hilliard favorite. Coarsly ground coffee immersed in water for 5-10 minutes before plunged extraction


Exclusively in Hilliard, Enough to share, a roast of choice is ground and filtered in a CheMex conical brewer


Named for its country of origin, coffee is brewed directly atop sweetened condensed milk. Takes over 10 minutes to craft and can be served hot or iced

Espresso Options

Espresso Shot

Single or Double shots, our uniuqe espresso blend pulled as a shot in its purest state


Named for American troops in Italy during World War II requesting their espresso be mixed with water due to its strenght; the American is espresso mixed with hot water


Espresso mixed with steam milk and foam. A cappuccino has the most foam


Espresso layered with steamed milk and foam.


Steamed milk is layered next by foam and attoped with freshly pulled espresso at the end

Flavors can be added to any beverage. 

House-Made Syrups:
Vanilla, Brown-Sugar Cinnamon, Mocha, Seasonal varieties (Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint, Eggnog)

Locally Sourced Flavors: Honey, Maple Syrup 

Additional Selections: Caramel, Hazelnut, White Mocha, Buckeye, Nutella, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Caramel, along with other seasonal selections

Cold Coffee Options

Iced Coffee

Our medium roasted Sumatra; brewed to perfection then chilled. Served over iced.

Iced Latte

Double shot of espresso over iced, then milk cut into the drink.

Cold Brew

Coarsly ground coffee emersered in cold water for 24 hours. Concentrate extracted and then cut with water and served over ice.

Other Drinks


House made concentrate from black loose leaf tea infused with traditional chai spices.

Dirty Chai

Shot of espresso added to chai. Served sweet or unsweet. Hot or Iced.

Hot Tea

Organic and Fair trade loose leaf teas from the Republic of Tea.

Iced Tea

Our tea steeped to double strength and served over ice. Available sweet or unsweet.


Simply sugar, juice from lemons and water.

Hot Chocolate

Dark chocolate blended with steamed milk for a perfect drink. Whip topping optional.

Blended Drinks


French for blended; it's our version of a frappe. It's all natural- no powders here!


Coming soon to the Market! Flavor Options: Coffee, Caramel, Mocha, Berry, Seasonal Options

Real Fruit Slushies

Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry