Our Food Menu

Food Menu

We partner with local bakeries to craft delicious treats for your enjoyment while visiting our shop.  From Cori's Confections and her addicting scones, coffee cake, cookies and biscotti to The Little Donut Factory's Hilliard staple of delicious donuts; we have something for everyone. We keep our eats fresh, so daily sell out is a reality.


Breakfast Bowls

Oatmeal, Yogurt or Smoothie with all of the delicous toppings to go with it. Made from scratch to order, come up with your own amazing recipe today!

Hot Oatmeal

Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Classic breakfast made fresh!

Overnight Oats

Oats soaked overnight with delicious ingredients to give you a healthy and filling bite.

Yogurt Parfait

Greek Yogurt, blueberries, hint of lemon all with banana and oats to make a filling and satisfying breakfast or snack.

Cori's Confections

Scones, Coffee Cake, Cookies, Biscotti. Fresh Baked. Local. AMAZING.

Partner Pastries: Lil Donut Factory Donuts

Hilliard stocks only a couple dozen each morning so get here quick before they sell out!

Partner Pastries: Renee's Allergy Sensitive Muffins

Free of the 8 major allergens. So all can have food to enjoy.

Various Snacks

In Hilliard and feeling like a snack or the kiddoes getting hungry? Veggie Straws, Apple Sauce Pouches, and more


Blueberry Crumb, Lemon Cake Iced, Cranberry Apple Whole Grain. Stop in today to check out what flavors are on the shelf!

Gluten Free Cookies

Alternative Baking Co sends these direct to Gateway for a healthy treat. Cinnamon, Chocolate, Pumpkin.

Local Block's Bagels

Everything, Plain, Blueberry. These are great toasted or plain with cream cheese, Yum!

Partner Pastries: The Cheesecake Girl

Stocked weekly with a variety of delicious cheesecakes, mini cheesecakes, and cream pies, these treats are sure to fill you up and leave you smiling!