Giving Back: Tips for Non-Profits

About The Program

Around here, it really is all about the people.  That's why we donate 100% of our tips to various non-profits each month.  Whether local or global initiatives, we love empowering others to make a difference.  We do this out of a heart of giving. It was a decision that as made well before the shop was open. Watch the video for the story:

This month's recipient

This month we’re supporting the two great initatives:

The 1-11 we're honoring Veterans through Patriot Pin Up

Check this organitation out:

For the rest of November we're donating to the Hilliard Historical Society.

It's important to honor the past as we move forward in the future.  We are grateful for the hard work that the Hilliard Historical Society does to preserve our amazing heritage.

Want to recommend a Non-Profit?

Do you have a non-profit you would like us to support? Are you a leader, supporter, or member of a non-profit that you feel deserves to be a tip recipient?

Fill out our google form and let us know about the organization by clicking below:

Amazing Non-Profit Information

*note that by submitting an application it does not ensure the non-profits will be selected as a recipient