Telling Our Story

Telling our Story - Julie and Stacy
This week as we continue to tell our story, you will hear from Julie and Stacy. They have seen the community and family of Coffee Connections grow and how these relationships have impacted them and their own ministries.
Telling our Story - Cori
In this video, Cori, owner of Cori's Confections, talks about how her delicious treats first came to our shop, as well as the family environment that Coffee Connections has been to her and the community.
Telling our Story - Jose
Jose is bridging the gap between the hispanic community and law enforcement here in Franklin County.  Hear in this video how Coffee Connections has become more like a family to Jose and his team and provided an opportunity to impact the community here and in El Salvador
Telling our Story - Jason
In this video, Jason gives us a glimpse into his relationship with Coffee Connections and his heart for serving in El Salvador. Support him at and be sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram @JasonInElSalvador
Telling our Story - Tim and Jordan
Our partners are integral to our success and we wouldn't be where we are without Tim, founder of the Coffee Mess and Jordan, owner of Lil Donut Factory.
Telling our Story - Priscilla
Priscilla Coffey moved from Pennsylvania in 2015 to help make Coffee Connections a reality.  This is her story.
Telling our Story - Barista Power
In the next video in our series, a handful of baristas share their experience!
Telling our Story - Kyler
In our fifth video of the series, Coffee Connections Assistant Manager/Barista Kyler tells us about how Coffee Connections has become his community and he has connected deeper with Hilliard
Telling our Story - Jeff
In our fourth video of the series, Co-Owner Jeff talks about his journey and taking the leap of faith.
Telling our Story - Jenn
Video Number 3: Co-Owner Jenn Heimberger shares her story!
Telling our Story - Nate & Sharon Pt 1/2
In this launch video, founders and co-owners of Coffee Connections, Nate and Sharon Grenier, share their heart and story behind how Coffee Connections all began!
Coffee Connections.  Fresh Roasted Coffee. All About the People.....
this Easter we thought it time to tell our story.
The reasons why we do what we do..... starting May 1st,
each Wednesday we will release a new video telling our story;
from employees to customers,  and friends alike... be sure to watch them all!